Development Program

Development Program (DP)

A small group early intervention program for children from 18 – 36 months old who have developmental delays. Occupational, physical, and speech-language therapists help parents incorporate developmental activities into daily routines.

Program Goals

  • Provide intervention during the first 3 years of life when children are more responsive to experiential learning and when there is rapid brain growth and plasticity
  • Increase the child’s ability to engage with peers
  • Prepare the child for school
  • Meet the developmental needs of young children
  • Collaborate with families to address their specific concerns and priorities
  • Increase the family’s understanding of early childhood development for carryover at home

The Development Program is held twice a week, either M/W or Tu/Th from 9-11am and parent/caregiver participation is required. For more information, please call us at 562-597-3696!


Little Sprouts Program 

Little Sprouts is a small group program that addresses development, growth, and learning readiness skills of preschool-aged children (3-5 years old) transitioning out of Early Start services and who demonstrate 2 or more areas of delay. Like DP, it is led by  physical/occupational/speech therapists and aides.

Little Sprouts is held twice per week. Parent/caregiver participation is not required in this program to further promote school readiness.

Little Sprouts is typically held on Tues/Thurs afternoons. For more information, please call (562) 597-3696.