For Families

Thank you for your interest in Tichenor Clinic for Children! An overview of our intake process is below. 

  1. Call us to make an appointment! We are also happy to answer any questions. You may also email us at
  2. Fill out an Intake Form here [Need to insert link to electronic intake form] or email us to receive it electronically. 
  3. If you are unable to complete forms prior to your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to complete forms.
  4. Meet with your therapist to complete an evaluation. We will take your child/ren’s medical history, answer questions, and address any concerns you may have.
  5. Your therapists will give recommendations and schedule your visits or make referrals as appropriate

Emma: “They told me she has a progressive disease, but all I see is progress.”

Emma was developing typically until she was about six months old – then things started to change. We saw several pediatricians who said to wait and see but I have four other children; I knew she was rapidly regressing. Even once I was able to pursue a diagnosis, my insurance denied genetic testing. Finally I…

Owen: “I think the love and care we received here has made all the difference.”

“From where Owen started, to where he is now, which is pretty much looking like a normal kid, I think that if we weren’t here that would have never happened. I think the love and care we received here has made all the difference. Even though Owen has challenges and probably in his future he’ll…

Oziel: “I held out faith to not see it as they had told me, I saw it as I see it now.”

“My biggest concern was that he would not walk, would not talk because that’s what the doctors told me. That if he woke up from the coma that he wouldn’t be able to move, walk or talk. I held out faith to not see it as they had told me, I saw it as I…

Patty: “I’m pretty convinced that I wouldn’t be walking today without Tichenor.”

Patty has now been a teacher at Wilson High School in Long Beach for over 32 years! To watch a video on this story and others like it go to our videos page!

Brenda: “It’s a blessing, this place is a blessing for the community, the city of Long Beach and other cities as well.”

“The doctor asked my mom ‘How much money do you have in the bank account?’ and my mom looked at me and I looked at her and the smiles that we had kind of dropped because we didn’t have money. He told them, ‘We’re going to take care of your daughter, everything will be covered.’”…

Dawn: “Thank you to Tichenor for everything they’ve done for the children before me, for me and after.”

To watch a video of this story and others like it go to our videos page!

Cristian: “Now he’s here, he’s using technology to express his voice.”

To watch a video of this stories and others like it go to our videos page!

Annabell: “This girl is going to be CEO of a company some day!”

Our daughter Annabell loves interacting with people, dancing, and playing with toys. At one year old, she would scoot but would refuse to put any weight on her legs. I had to beg our pediatrician for months to get a referral. After countless medical visits, I was told that Annabell might never walk and that…

Emerick: “Dad! Watch me! See what I can do??”

My son Emerick was born with a dislocated hip. It caused him a lot of pain as he grew. When Emerick was 5 years old, Dr. Chang (an orthopedic surgeon at Miller Children’s Hospital and Tichenor Clinic’s Medical Director) determined that he needed hip surgery; without it, Emerick would suffer many complications as he continued…

Kim Vuong: Interview with Tichenor Community Liaison & CACOD Chair

We recently spoke with Kim Vuong, our Community Liaison, and how she utilizes her AAC device and more! Q: Hi Kim! Can you give a brief introduction, please, for those who may not know you?   My position with Tichenor Clinic for Children, I am the Community Liaison.  I also run a teen support group…