Tichenor Clinic maximizes children’s abilities by providing access to therapy & parent support.


We at Tichenor Clinic for Children envision a world where every child who struggles early in life will receive empowering care and support that allows them to become their best selves.

Maximized Potential

Every child deserves the highest quality of care. Because we do not bill insurance and are therefore not bound by restrictions that can bring, we can provide the individualized care needed in every situation.

Our therapy programs enable children with disabilities to live full and enriching lives and empower families with the skills and knowledge to be their child’s best advocates.

We are relentlessly dedicated to providing services at low or no cost to children and families who cannot otherwise afford care. 

Help us forge a strong community by supporting children early to reach their maximum potential.

You have the power to change lives – give a life-changing gift today.