Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) design interventions that promote healthy development, establish needed skills and modify environments in support of participation in daily activities and everyday routines.

OTs help children with:

  • Fine motor/handwriting skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Cognitive and perceptual skills
  • Self-care activities (i.e. dressing)
  • Oral-motor functioning
  • Sensory processing 
  • Motor planning
  • Play & socialization
  • Facilitating movement to help a child reach for toys
  • Positioning for feeding, eating and swallowing
  • Educating clients and families in food selection, feeding techniques, and schedules
  • Helping children dress or eat independently
  • Building skills for sharing, taking turns and playing with peers
  • Helping a child use toys and materials in both traditional and creative manners
  • Reducing extraneous environmental noise for a child who is easily distracted

In addition to our 1:1 occupational therapy, we also offer a specialized feeding class for parents/children and two classes of life skills for teens:

Discovering Mealtime Success

Life Skills for teens