Dear parents & caretakers,

We know how difficult this time of physical distancing is and the added stresses impacting your lives. We hope the program resources below will help! You can also visit our new YouTube Channel for all the latest videos. 

Resources are being updated – more to come!

Development Program

Occupational Therapy

Discovering Mealtime Success

Visual System

Visual System Activities Download

Sistema Visual

Actividades para el Sistema Visual Descargar

Vestibular System

Vestibular Activities Download

Sistema Vestibular

Sistema Vestibular Descargar

Rutinas Diarias

Actividades para la Rutina Diaria Descargar

Daily Routines

Daily Routine Activities Download

Entrenamiento para ir al Baño

Tips para el entrenamiento Descargar

Toilet Training

Toilet Training Tips Download

Fortalecimiento de Cuerpo Superior y Mano

Actividades de Fortalecimiento Descargar

Physical Therapy

Speech Language Therapy

PROMPT Training for Speech-Language Pathologists!

Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk”


Hanen More Than Words

November DP Newsletter

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October DP Newsletter

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July DP Newsletter

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